Solve the Data Overload Dilemma.

Meet the first solution that pulls together data from all client channels and gives you the ability to show true insight and value. 

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Focus on Strategy, Not Data Manipulation.

The challenge facing agencies today is they simply have no easy way of pulling together the multitude of different client data sources and finding the hidden insights. CRAVE solves this problem by creating instant benchmarks, measurability, and understanding —and gives you predictive analytics so you can create new strategies and highly efficient marketing programs for your clients.


Go Big. Or Go Small.

The modern agency understands the value of data. But they also understand the costs. CRAVE uses “directive intelligence” to show you which channels and programs have the best results and where to make modifications. And, for the data specialists on your team, CRAVE provides the ability to dig deep and see the details.

Experiment with Budget Scenarios

Use CRAVE to adjust budget allocation by channel to see the direct impact on customer response. Take the guesswork out of addressing your strategies, performance, and ROI, all while uncovering missed opportunities. 

Let's Roll.

CRAVE is easy to implement and requires no involvement from IT departments. A modern and simple dashboard allows for easy training with account teams, and data rich PowerPoint reports can be created for client presentations. And, CRAVE is priced with the agency business model in mind. 


Built for the
Modern Agency

• Bring a wealth of customer data together easily.

• Get unparalleled and actionable insights.

• Empower your media, data, and account teams.

• Create new strategies & highly-efficient programs.


See CRAVE Metrics In Action

We help you achieve an unprecedented understanding of your customer’s journeys while providing meaningful insight to help you act with confidence. 

See how CRAVE can transform your marketing today.