See what marketing actions make customers convert beyond the last touch. 

Optimize customer journeys for a better return on your marketing spend.


CRAVE Metrics is a cross-media marketing intelligence platform that goes beyond multi-touch attribution to drive high-powered marketing efficiencies.

By using AI and predictive analytics, CRAVE can show you multi-touch attribution; that is, how specific channels and specific creative and content are performing, enabling you to make decisions in real time based on a comprehensive view of your customer’s journey. Start targeting the right people through the channels and methods that measurably deliver value. 


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Directive Intelligence

CRAVE’s Directive Marketing Intelligence enables you to analyze and direct your marketing strategies based on cross-channel data.

  • Attribution models are prebuilt into CRAVE’s platform.
  • Analytics and reporting use common sense language helping marketers understand in non-technical language what has happened across all media and importantly, what to do next.
  • Uncover key learnings across the entire spectrum of your marketing spend.
  • CRAVE’s powerful AI gives you deep insights while providing big picture strategies.
  • Use CRAVE Scores as powerful benchmarking tools to track progress.
  • Save massive amounts of time versus current manual solutions.


Marketing-Focused Solutions

Leverage CRAVE to drive your marketing campaigns to a new level of performance 

  • CRAVE does all the data crunching for you so no manual data aggregation is necessary.
  • Experiment with different budget and campaign scenarios to see how conversion rates are affected.
  • Uncover which channels you are not effectively measuring.
  • Generate clear and data-rich PowerPoint™ reports to share with executive teams.
  • Get CRAVE Support to help you along the way.


The CRAVE Score

• Get instant benchmarks using consistent language across all marketing channels and in aggregate.

• Easily compare performance across different media types and creative content.

• Track changes over time to measure long-term performance.

• Find hidden content that is performing well. 




  • Across media channels.
  • Across campaigns.
  • By day of week.
  • By time of day.
  • By geography.
  • By content type.


  • Return visitors.
  • Engagement.
  • User amplification.
  • Value of loyalty campaigns.


  • Across media channels.
  • Across campaigns.
  • By day of week.
  • By time of day.
  • By geography.
  • By content type.


  • Organic and paid.
  • Across all platforms.
  • No data movement.
  • Measure the differences between an easy download and a high-ticket item.


  • Engage in or out of a campaign.
  • Leverage the most relevant existing content.
  • Combine content and channel selection to optimize engagement.


Value-Added Features

  • Intelligence boxes.
  • Print to PowerPoint.
  • Online help features in marketer-friendly language.


See CRAVE Metrics in Action