Thrive in a multi-channel multi-device world. 

View all your marketing channels together, uncover hidden insights, and get real-time actionable value from your data.

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 CRAVE is the cross-media marketing intelligence platform that goes beyond multi-touch attribution to drive a new level of understanding, control, and ROI.

Crave is designed for agencies and marketers to:

  • Provide true multi-touch attribution.
  • Collect and normalize most of your marketing channel data in one place.
  • Perform “what-if” analysis with different budget scenarios to see the impact on results.
  • Provide insight and recommendations in a consistent language that is easy for marketers to understand.



Multi-Touch Attribution: Credit Conversions to the Right Campaigns

Your email campaign resulted in many leads and a few new clients. That’s great—but does the email deserve all the credit? Probably not. After all, each of your new clients also accessed several other resources on your website prior to converting. Shouldn’t those resources receive fair credit?

CRAVE Metrics helps you spread the credit around by attributing a share of each conversion to every channel the customer touched. But unlike other solutions, we don’t stop measuring results after that first conversion. Your best customers will go on to make many purchases over the lifetime of the relationship. CRAVE Metrics continues to make the right attribution to each campaign that drives subsequent purchases.



Get Real Customer Insights

Conversions aren’t insights. They’re just numbers. What made that customer raise their hand the first time? What content or ad helped them overcome their doubts? What convinced them that you were the right choice?

There’s so much to know about your customers—but you won’t find the insights you need in your raw marketing data. It’s the connections and correlations between the silos of data that really matter. Stop wasting hours and days trying to build these stories yourself.

CRAVE Metrics consolidates all your marketing data and presents it to you as a single, intuitive campaign score. You can then drill down to see the effect each campaign had on conversion, retention, acquisition, value, and engagement—and get the actionable insights you need to drive improvements.  This benchmarking function allows marketers to see real time performance of campaigns and then act –also in real time.



Track the Customer Journey Across Channels

Your customer gets an email about a sale you’re running. They don’t click through to shop on your website. Your campaign data records them as a non-conversion. What the numbers aren’t telling you is that the email compelled your customer to come into your retail store and make a major purchase.

CRAVE Metrics helps you understand the entire customer journey by tracking every action your customers take. You end up with a complete view of what really drives conversions and how your campaigns are contributing.


Get actionable insight.