CRAVE Metrics puts the power to be strategic back in your hands.

Meet CRAVE. The first AI-powered multi-touch attribution platform with directive intelligence℠.


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CRAVE Metrics® pulls real-time actionable data from
across all of your digital marketing channels.


• Move beyond single touch attribution.
• Provide actionable insights.
• Improve marketing dollar ROI.
• Reduce time & cost of data aggregation.


A mountain of data is what you have.
Actionable insight across all channels is what you crave.  

With CRAVE, you can:

  • Give credit to all of your digital channels and creative where it is due.
  • View customer journey data across all media and content channels in a single dashboard and see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Use “Intelligence boxes” to optimize campaigns in real time.
  • Experiment with different strategies, creative and spending scenarios to foresee their impact on conversion rates and ROI.
  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to process data from multiple channels.
  • Avoid complicated campaign setup and get started quickly without disrupting the IT department.
  • Quickly generate clear and data-rich PowerPoint™ reports to share with executive teams.


CRAVE Metrics for Agencies

CRAVE was built by agency media and analytics executives for the modern marketing services agency. With CRAVE, you’ll spend far less time aggregating data and far more time improving the ROI of your clients’ campaigns. CRAVE brings the performance of client media, social, direct and content channels together to provide unparalleled and actionable insights in real-time. With Crave, your media, data analytics, brand insights and account teams will concentrate on creating new strategies and more efficient marketing programs for your clients instead of wallowing in time-consuming reporting and analysis. 


CRAVE Metrics for Brand and Product Marketers

Gain control of your brand’s strategic marketing initiatives on an easy-to-use SaaS platform. Connect customer journey data across all platforms, agencies and internal teams) to see where the true value of your campaigns is coming from. Pre-test alternative spending scenarios to see how budget adjustments will impact conversion. Find the creative and creative combinations of content that work best and quickly lose the content that’s not helpful.  And, because CRAVE is built for marketers, generate executive-level PowerPoint reports in seconds rather than days


Gain an unprecedented understanding of customer journeys and execute real-time direction to optimize media channels and creative to improve ROI.